Planning and Assessment

Managing the balance between environment and business objectives

Advitech’s environment team provides strategic and technical input to the planning process through the delivery of planning and environmental assessment services for development projects, along with statutory and planning advice.

Our experience extends to projects of any scale, from major state projects, public infrastructure developments, local or designated development, to housing and industrial estates. Our planning and development team includes technical staff with skills in ecology, Aboriginal and historic heritage, air quality, acoustics (noise and vibration), waste management, community consultation and social impact assessment.

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Acoustics - Noise and Vibration

microphone in field to monitor noise

Advitech’s industry leading acoustics specialists have extensive knowledge in noise and vibration, offering services including noise impact assessment, noise modelling, noise and vibration monitoring and more. Further information is provided on our Acoustics page.

Air Quality and Odour

Smoke stacks at a factory

Advitech’s air quality specialists offer comprehensive assessments of the impacts of industrial, manufacturing and mine sites and compilation of the necessary documents for submission to consent. Services include air quality impact assessments to all NSW EPA levels and methods; air and odour dispersion modelling, ambient air quality monitoring, and greenhouse gas management.

Advitech can prepare project-specific emissions inventories as well as predict environmental impacts of air pollutants, odour and toxins. We conduct both attended and unattended ambient air quality monitoring for particulates, air toxins and odour using a range of instruments including high-volume air samplers, tapered element oscillating microbalance units, multigas monitors, depositional dust gauges, DustTrak monitors and Nasal Ranger for odour.

In addition, Advitech can provide engineering advice to reduce air impacts, for example exhaust stack height and flue design. Advitech’s approach allows clients to proactively manage their environmental obligations and maintain strong community relations.

  • Air and odour impact assessments for a proposed waste management facility.
  • Odour and air quality impact assessments and greenhouse gas assessment for a composting facility.
  • Air and odour modelling across multiple sites for a proposed foundry upgrade expansion project.
  • Air and odour assessment of intensive agriculture facilities.
  • Mine site reclaim tunnels ventilation assessments for multiple coal operations.
  • Dust deposition analysis for numerous coal mines.
  • Real-time air quality monitoring for numerous mine sites across NSW and QLD.
  • Air and odour impact assessments for proposed childcare centres and a range of developments including subdivisions, new commercial operations, e.g. crushing plants.
  • Odour impact assessments for poultry operations.
  • Air quality management plans and audits of air quality issues for industrial sites.
  • Indoor air quality assessment for a public school
  • Odour surveys of industrial and development sites during construction and excavation.
  • Compilation of an Air Emission Inventory for a crushing plant.