Structural and Civil Engineering Consultants

Providing technical excellence in structural and civil engineering design, analysis and certification

Advitech’s Structural and Civil engineering team provides consultation, design and documentation services from concept, design and delivery through to operations, expansions and end-of-life decommissioning.

From large to small projects, our team of engineers are experienced across a wide range of sectors including industrial, mining, energy, government, education, defence and transport.

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers, design drafters and project managers work with you to understand your project’s specific needs and engage contractors and specialist consultants to reach a collaborative solution. Our focus on building relationships and a mutual understanding of the end-goal helps reduce the time and cost of delivery.

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metal frame

One of Advitech’s core competencies is our industry-leading experience with all aspects of structural and civil design.

We offer:
  • Structural/Civil design – steel and reinforced concrete structure.
  • Structural repair or remediation of steel and reinforced concrete structure.
  • Structural design of materials handling equipment conveyors, feeders, stackers, transfer house…
  • Processing equipment design – thickener tanks, bridge structure, tank support structure…
  • Lifting device design – crane, monorail, lifting beam
  • Design assistance during shutdowns, break downs etc…

Asset management

Mine winder headframe

We take a proactive approach to asset management which can deliver significant financial and operational improvements to an organisation.

We offer:
  • Structural integrity inspection of existing structure or equipment for continued safe use.
  • End of life assessment of structure/machine.
  • Asset management with periodic monitoring and NDT testing.
  • Dilapidation survey of the buildings / structure.

Other offerings

Tower design

Our broad skill base covers a range of aspects of structural and civil engineering which enables us to tailor services to your needs.

We offer:
  • 3rd party design verification or peer review of the structure
  • Lift studies
  • Drone inspection
  • Feasibility studies
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Design certification
  • Independent assurance and advisory services
  • Construction support and assistance
  • Forensic engineering and expert witness services
  • Bulk earthworks and foundation design
  • Stormwater and drainage design
  • Road and pavement design

Our experience

3D model of tanks and gantry from top
Examples of project experience

CSIRO – Parks telescope

  • Asset inspection on the CSIRO Parkes telescope



  • Risk manganate of structural defects on coal infrastructure assets
  • Inspection, review, evaluation and assessment of structural defects


PWCS – RC17 redundant conveyor gantry de-construction

  • Structural assessment
  • Local strengthening
  • Development of de-construction procedure
  • De-construction phase assistance


PWCS – 4.17 gantry repairs

  • Structural assessment
  • Local strengthening



  • Inspection of steel structure and condition assessment


P.A. People – Ribbon and Hilton Hotel

  • Design verification of LED screen supports


Orica 3rd party verification of

  • Scrubber and outlet duct support steel structure
  • Concrete foundation
  • Stack


Ashton – roof replacement of portal frame building

  • Structural assessment of steel structure
  • Design of new roof truss and secondary roof structure
  • Development of replacement procedure


Tomago – Access platform design

  • Design of a steel support structure to support water tanks, including access ways
  • Concrete design for foundation
  • Lifting beam design


Orica – Lifting Beam

  • Lifting beam design
  • Assessment of existing structure for additional loading due to new lifting beam


CTB – Switch room

  • Switch room design


Remote area housing, Northern Territory

  • Engineering assistance to support social housing project


Accessway safety assessment

  • Accessway safety assessment against Australian standards


Stratford – ROM Wall

  • Regular site inspections to monitor retaining wall
  • Coordinating surveyor measuring wall displacements
  • Strengthening design for local defects


Jands – Theatre Royal

  • Inspection of theatre stage for condition assessment
  • Structural assessment of timber and steel structure elements of stage


NSW Government – Land and Housing Corporation

  • Design of garbage bin enclosure
  • Design of car park concrete slab
  • Construction phase assistance


NSW Dep of Education – Muswellbrook

  • 3rd party verification of school design
  • Construction phase assistance

Case Studies