Mechanical Engineering Consulting

Achieve compliance, increase production and develop ground-breaking solutions

Advitech’s mechanical engineering consulting team brings real-world experience from a wide range of industries to deliver excellence in mechanical analysis, physical simulations, mechanical design, system auditing and certification.

Advitech can support all your mechanical engineering needs, for projects large or small, drawing on our advanced capabilities in linear and non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA), vibration analysis, hydraulics, shock analysis, fatigue analysis, buckling, moving load simulation and heat transfer.

Advitech’s drafting team supports our mechanical engineering services with 3D modelling and the development of detailed drawings to the highest standards. Read more >

Advitech has professional mechanical engineers with Australian CPEng and RPEQ accreditation who are held in high esteem by both clients and regulators alike. Additional accreditation and certificates are listed on our accreditation and certificates pageRead more >

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Hoisting and Lifting System Expertise

Tower to show hoisting and lifting

One of Advitech’s core competencies is our industry-leading experience with all aspects of hoisting and lifting systems.

  • Audits and design certification of numerous powered winding systems (mine winders) for personnel and materials haulage.
  • Principal verifier for multiple European hoisting system designs which comprised a major part of a $70M upgrade for Australia’s premier theatre performance venue.
  • Review and certification of an innovative passenger lift installation procedure for an elevator manufacturer.
  • Design and detailing of personnel rescue davit and hoisting system for a gas storage facility.
  • Design and certification services related to the new AS 1418.1:2021 “Cranes, hoists and winches General requirements” and the rest of the AS 1418 series of standards.

Machine Design and Drafting

collage to show machine design and drafting

Advitech’s mechanical engineers and drafters work closely with our clients to develop solutions that fulfil critical operational needs.

  • Design and full detailing to AS 1100 of a ground-breaking plastics recycling machine, as a development from a previous prototype
  • Design of production in-floor conveyor system for a Sydney manufacturer of concrete pipe and pole products
  • Design, detailing and certification of various fork-lift attachments

Rotating Machinery Analysis

engineers inspecting rotating machinery - mechanical engineering concept

Advitech’s mechanical engineers are industry leaders in their knowledge of everything-related-to the analysis of drive systems and components.

  • Fatigue failure investigation and analysis of several designs of large rotating dryer drums for use in continuous-manufacturing operations.
  • Determination of maximum operating capacity of coal conveyors, considering all structural and mechanical limiting factors.
  • Conveyor idler analysis and design calculations for a major idler supplier.

Engineering Compliance

heavy machinery to represent engineering compliance

Advitech is experienced in design validation, verification, certification, safety audits and more. Read more on our Engineering Compliance page.

  • Mine winding systems (TRGs, MDGs, AS etc)
  • Ventilation fans (MDG 3)
  • Theatre hoists (powered flying, point hoists, zero-fleet etc.)
  • Machinery safety and guarding audits (AS 4024)
  • Conveyor systems

Tanks, Piping and Pressure Vessels

Pipes and tanks

Our in-house mechanical and process engineers can take a conceptual design and produce detailed drawings for all fabricated equipment (pressure vessels, tanks, and pressure piping) to relevant Australian and international standards. Our piping analysis involves the use of finite element analysis to ensure the most adverse combination of loading is considered. For operating plants, we can also assist with designing modifications or repairs to API653 tank inspection, repair, alteration and reconstruction, and other relevant standards.

  • Design, drafting and site engineering assistance with the installation of a multi-million-dollar mild steel cement lined (MSCL) pipe replacement.
  • Assessment of tank emergency venting equipment suitability to AS 1940 Appendix H.
  • Assessment of head-loss implications of redirecting piping and suitability of existing pumping infrastructure for major bulk materials handling port terminal.
  • Remaining Life Assessment of 50-year-old underground pipelines to the requirements of AS 2885.3.

Vehicle and Haulage restraint systems

truck carrying another truck with restraint system visible
Our team can help you secure your vehicles or haulage with confidence

Advitech’s mechanical engineers are able to certify load restraint systems for vehicles or haulage that must be tied down to a truck bed.


  • Design of load restraints to vehicle beds that is compliant to Load Restraint Guide 2018.
  • Certification of load restraints to meet the requirements of enforceable undertakings.
  • Certify stability of vehicle and loads on the truck haulage bed.

Engineering and Commercialisation Assistance to Research Institutions

CAD drawing of Hydrogen recovery inverter

Advitech are always excited to work alongside academia to provide innovative and workable solutions to new discoveries and inventions.

  • Process engineering support, mechanical design and 3D drafting support to a university team developing a revolutionary new fuel cell energy generation concept.
  • Mechanical engineering, project management and drafting support for a pilot plant pioneering a new product recovery process for the minerals processing field.

Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness Services

Engineers inspecting cracked drum

Advitech’s mechanical engineers are experienced in equipment failure diagnosis and investigations and we understand the need for careful and correct wording within reports used for legal purposes.

  • Reliability investigation and retrospective design analysis of large bespoke goods lift to determine causes for continual seizing and premature failure of key components.
  • Drier drum premature failure investigation for purposes of international litigation.
  • Reliability investigation into a problematic scrap metal baling machine as part of ongoing legal proceedings.
  • Conveyor shaft failure causal investigation for a Hunter Valley Coal Mine.