Process Engineering

Helping you reduce occupational and operational risks

Our expertise in chemical and environmental engineering, process safety, hazard assessment, energy performance and sustainability will add value to your project whether it is an existing or new concept.

We can redesign existing processes to achieve new performance targets and assist with equipment specification, control functionality and instrumentation selection. Underpinning this is our knowledge and experience in reducing processing and energy demands, optimising production processes, resource efficiency/productivity and waste generation. We also have specialists in resource efficiency/management, hazardous chemicals (dangerous goods) auditing, hazardous area classification and process safety studies.

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Process Design

Network of metal pipes
  • High pressure steam boiler design for Orica Australia.
  • Potline ventilation redesign and flow optimisation for Tomago Aluminium.
  • Detailed process design of a pilot Non Recovery Coke Oven (NRCO) facility for BHP Billiton.

Flow System Design and Modelling

Process flow diagram
  • Flow modelling of an entire aluminium potline ventilation system for Tomago Aluminium.
  • Flow modelling of a complex oil delivery system for a vehicle servicing complex for Sandvik.
  • Flow modelling of a water cooling system associated with a solar heating array on behalf of CSIRO Newcastle Energy Centre.

Ventilation Assessment

Ventilation fan
  • Ventilation performance study of Orica Australia’s cobalt catalyst manufacturing facility.
  • Reclaim tunnel ventilation studies for various Hunter Valley coal mines.
  • Ventilation performance design and study on behalf of Cleanaway, VIC.

Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer

Network of metal pipes
  • Heat load specification for an ammonium nitrate solution storage tank heating coil design for Orica Australia.
  • Thermal performance evaluation of military electronic enclosures for Boeing Australia.
  • Anode pit cooling study for Tomago Aluminium.

Plant Performance and Resource Efficiency

  • Refrigeration performance project saving $1m per annum for Casella Wines, NSW.
  • NSW Resource Efficiency projects for 151 businesses saving $17m per annum on behalf of the NSW Government.
  • Potline ventilation redesign and flow optimisation for Tomago Aluminium.

Process Safety

Hand lifting tag on valve

Process safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes that handle hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods. It relies on good design principles, engineering, and operating and maintenance practices. Advitech’s process safety specialists are experienced in designing systems to manage process safety – helping to reduce the potential for major disasters such as the catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals.

  • Assessment/audit of major Australian food manufacturer for compliance to explosive dusts and explosion venting.
  • Process safety and compliance assessment audits covering pressure vessels, explosive atmospheres and hazardous substances at 22 separate Sydney Water facilities.
  • Expert process engineering advice to Tomago Aluminium concerning Bake Oven explosive risk and start-up.

Our team is also highly experienced in Hazardous Area Classification (HAC). Visit our HAC page for more information.

Hazard Assessment and HAZOP

Person assessing a chemical plant

Our team of formally trained and experienced process engineers have a detailed understanding of hazard assessment guidelines and are approved by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

  • Preliminary hazard assessment for Hydromet Operations liquid waste treatment facility.
  • Hazard assessment for an aerosol packing and distribution facility for Pact Group.
  • Facilitation of a series of HAZID studies on projects being considered at the CSIRO Newcastle Energy Centre.

Hazardous Chemicals Audits

Row of cylinders of hazardous chemicals
  • Hazardous substances audits of 22 separate Sydney Water facilities.
  • Hazardous chemicals audit of Koorangang Island facility for Orica Australia.
  • Hazardous chemicals audit at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney.