Advanced Analytics

Create predictive insights to drive prescriptive action

Advanced analytics can enable your organisation to respond to complex demands for services based on many possible alternatives, trade-offs and constraints.

  • Gain the ability to adjust plans and maintain the right level of resources to deal with demand on any given day.
  • Manage resource levels more proactively and more accurately.
  • Eliminate the need to rely on hunches and best guesses.
  • Gain the ability to respond to real-world constraints across your organisation.
  • Improve resource management, reduce operating costs and increase revenue.
  • Ensure your organisation is well-positioned to respond as your business grows and becomes more complex.

Advitech can help you tackle your most complex business challenges with confidence. Advitech is your best possible course of action for:

  • Data intelligence
  • Better decision making
  • Exploring what-if scenarios


  • Evaluating the impact of maintenance on the throughput capacity of Australian coal chains
  • Scenario generation for strategic planning of supply chains

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