Asset Integrity and Reliability

Helping you to maximise productivity, reduce downtime and above all – improve safety

Our Structural Asset Integrity and Reliability service encompasses four key areas – inspection, condition assessment, management systems and engineering.

We are passionate about helping you improve the reliability and integrity of assets, structures, machines and systems across your industrial and commercial facilities. Our engineers have extensive knowledge in developing and improving asset integrity management systems, with vast experience in the mining, materials handling, ports, government and utilities sectors.

Our team is dedicated to enhancing our clients’ knowledge and understanding of their own assets so that they can make evidence-based decisions through proactive asset management. By augmenting our client’s site knowledge with our own technical expertise, we help clients achieve better outcomes.

Our approach is proactive. Whilst reactive management of assets may cost less in the present, it can lead to reduced safety, unplanned downtime, shortened asset life and increased maintenance costs. Our proactive approach has demonstrated that flexibly scheduled and coordinated inspections and maintenance can play a role in preventing failures, maximising operational efficiencies and promoting asset life extension.

A good asset management strategy can deliver significant financial and operational improvements to an organisation. To learn how asset management can assist you to reduce downtime and increase safety on your site, call the Advitech Engineering team on +61 2 4924 5400.

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Asset Inspection

Drone, flying

Our asset and site inspection process includes a range of approaches including visual inspection, non-destructive testing, and 3D photogrammetry technology.

Advitech’s CASA-approved drone pilot can assist with inspections of areas that are challenging to access. The use of our DJI Matrice drone eliminates safety risks and produces a faster and more cost-effective way to maintain large and small infrastructure.

Our NDT services include weld inspection, thickness testing, wear rates, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing and dye penetration testing.

As part of our structural inspection report, we produce high-resolution 3D photogrammetry of assets. These 3D models are a superior asset management tool that can be used for monitoring structural changes over time as well as planning and estimating repairs.

Asset Condition Assessment

Man inspecting condition of structure

Advitech assesses the data collected to determine the condition of your assets. We use a risk-based approach to identify issues and defects and assist with prioritisation of rectification works. We also have experienced risk assessment facilitators and participants.

Asset Integrity Management Systems

Mine winder headframe

Our team helps clients manage assets throughout their life cycle by detailed planning of monitoring and inspection activities based on asset condition and risk. We can use our Advitech-developed asset integrity database to assist with data collection and analyses or work with existing site asset integrity systems which may already be in place.

Engineering Design and Project Management

3D model of tanks and gantry from top

Advitech’s breadth of experience includes in-house capabilities in traditional engineering services and implementation of asset rectification works – including engineering design and project management.

Advitech can support your assets every step of the way. With our engineers and technicians involved right through the asset management lifecycle, we will build an understanding of each asset and their importance to your operations. You can trust us to keep your assets on track – leaving you free to focus on your day-to-day operations.