Applied Mathematics

Analytics and Optimisation – Creating value from your data beyond business intelligence

Advitech uses quantitative methods to help businesses with challenges such as managing inventory and demand; scheduling transportation; planning infrastructure design, expansion, maintenance and renewals; improving production planning, scheduling and distribution; supply chain modelling; and workforce planning.

Advitech’s applied mathematics team is a diverse group of data scientists and applied mathematicians with over two decades of experience assisting businesses streamline their processes and enhance their decision making by using quantitative methods.

Whatever the challenge, whether it be in agriculture, defence, energy, entertainment, government, health, manufacturing, mining or transportation & logistics, a better understanding of the interaction and impact of all important factors will result in better performance and ultimately better business outcomes.


  • Data analytics
  • Decision support and automation
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Mathematical optimisation
  • Operations research
  • Statistical analysis
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Data Analytics Journey

Developing your business’s data analytics capability is a journey, a journey that Advitech will take with you.

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Beyond Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is largely limited to data visualisation and operational analytics. Advitech can help you take your business beyond Business Intelligence.

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics can enable your organisation to respond to complex demands for services based on many possible alternatives, trade-offs and constraints.

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Mathematical Optimisation

Mathematical optimisation uses the power of mathematics to find the best possible (optimal) solutions to complex decision-making problems and allows you to make fast, confident, unbiased, explainable decisions every day.

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