Mathematical Optimisation

Achieve optimal business outcomes amidst ever increasing complexity

Go beyond predictions to optimised decisions. The difference between a “good” decision and an “optimal” decision could be significant to your revenue.

Mathematical optimisation uses the power of mathematics to find the best possible (optimal) solutions to complex decision-making problems and allows you to make fast, confident, unbiased, explainable decisions every day.

It provides decision support in traditional decision-making processes and can be used to automate decision-making. Mathematical optimisation will help you optimise revenue, deliver business value, make better decisions and achieve optimal business outcomes amidst ever increasing complexity.

Advitech can help you tackle your most complex business challenges with confidence. Advitech is your best possible course of action for:

  • Decision intelligence
  • Data-driven and large-scale decision making
  • Decision support and decision automation


  • Scheduling hydro-electric unit commitment in a river valley
  • Scheduling the shutdown of nuclear reactors for refuelling and maintenance
  • Wind farm layout optimisation
  • Automated planning of maritime inventory routing problems
  • Maintenance optimisation for rail infrastructure systems

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