Engineering Compliance

Helping to ensure your plant and equipment is compliant and safe

Whether you need to achieve regulatory compliance, ‘sweat’ an ageing asset, increase throughput, or just want piece-of-mind, our engineers have the expertise to assist you with your decision.

Advitech’s accredited mechanical, structural, and functional safety engineers have extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements – from Australian and international standards, codes of practices and industry-specific regulations such as Mine Design Guidance (MDGs) and Technical Resource Guides (TRGs). With Advitech, you can rest assured that your plant and equipment is compliant and safe.

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Design Verification Services

silo explosion venting 3D model

Advitech provides independent design verification of third-party designs and high-risk ‘registerable’ plant to enable design registration with applicable WHS and regulatory bodies. The verification process includes independent analytical reviews and the delivery of a peer-reviewed statement of compliance for the machinery, equipment or plant, signed off by our chartered engineers who are recognised ‘competent persons’.

  • Mine winding system and component design verification
  • Ventilation fans (MDG3)
  • Functional Safety Assessment (AS 61508, AS 62061, AS61511)
  • Bespoke theatrical hoisting equipment (AS1418, BGVs)
  • Personnel lifting equipment
  • Cranes, lifting devices, elevated work platforms (AS 4991, AS 1418)
  • Pressure vessels, tanks, pressure piping (AS 1210, API650, AS 4041)
  • Industrial vehicles including forklifts (AS 2359)
  • Drift conveyance braking systems (AS 3785)
  • Passenger lifts (AS 1735, EN81)
  • Hi-rail vehicles (RailCorp standards AS 7501, AS 7502, etc.)

Safety Audits

UL1 boom

Advitech conducts onsite compliance audits of plant, equipment and procedures against relevant standards and legislation including Australian Standards, state-based requirements, international standards, Mine Design Guidelines (MDG), Technical Reference Guides (TRG), defence-related standards and more.

  • Mine winding system (powered winding system) audits
  • Performance venue (theatre) structural audits
  • Functional Safety Assessments on pressure vessels, tanks, pressure piping
  • Ship loaders and unloaders
  • Cranes and lifting devices
  • Machinery safety and guarding audits (AS 4024)
  • Access, walkway, and ladder audits (AS 4100, AS 1657)