Acoustic Engineers (Noise & Vibration Management)

Working collaboratively with industry to solve noise and vibration management challenges

Our industry-leading acoustic engineers have extensive knowledge in noise and vibration. Beyond helping you to achieve statutory compliance, our experience in proactive operational noise management will enable you to continue to be as productive as possible while still meeting your obligations.

Our sector experience extends across renewables, mining, manufacturing, road and rail, construction, residential, commercial property development and more.

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Noise and Vibration Monitoring

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Advitech specialises in real-time noise and vibration monitoring for the industrial, mining and construction sectors. We draw on the benefits of the SentineX Remote Monitoring platform offered by our partner company Novecom. Where practical, remote noise monitoring can be integrated with real-time air quality and meteorology, providing an integrated environmental monitoring and management system. We also offer attended compliance monitoring and auditing.

  • Real-time environmental monitoring and reporting including the analysis and interpretation of continuous air, noise and meteorological data for mines, quarries, manufacturing facilities, and waste facilities.
  • Ongoing environmental noise monitoring and compliance reporting against planning approval conditions.
  • Vibration assessments including building vibration and whole body vibration.
  • Assessment of noise impacts associated with a proposed haulage route during the construction of a 40km expressway.

Data Intelligence

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Advitech helps clients leverage their environmental data to make more informed decisions on noise management effort and investment. Our acoustic engineer team has developed a series of techniques and tools to analyse your continuous monitoring data (‘big data’) and identify opportunities to improve noise management. This process, which includes simple reporting and annotation of monitoring feedbacks, fosters a greater understanding of noise impacts within your organisation. By providing the right information to the right person at the right time, this approach will build capability within your team to enable more proactive management of noise and free capacity for other management tasks.

Operational Noise Management

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Our acoustics team has helped many mining, construction and manufacturing sites control noise through operational management. Operational controls include various approaches to planning, scheduling and real-time management, and can generally be implemented with minimal capital expenditure. Some examples include limiting activities to ‘noisy’ times of day, adjusting operations according to weather conditions, and orientating noisy plant away from sensitive receivers. Operational noise control requires a thorough understanding of the noise profile of a site, machinery or industrial process to develop effective control strategies. Every site is different, so control strategies are customised to suit each site’s unique characteristics and challenges.