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Wastewater treatment plant


Our client was a large milk processor producing premium, high-quality dairy products in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and China. The client was looking to expand production through the construction of a new purpose-built dairy processing facility in NSW.


The construction project included building a wastewater treatment system to service the facility. The client wanted to ensure the system they chose would be the most cost effective and efficient solution. In order to make an educated decision, taking all options into account, they decided to seek an expert assessment of the available treatment systems.


Recognising our 27 years of experience with wastewater processing, the client contracted Advitech’s environmental team to complete a full evaluation of the available providers.

Given the diverse skillset of our technical team, we were ideally placed to assess the available systems from all angles, examining the environmental, technical and financial advantages of each option.

Working closely with the client, Advitech provided an independent review, using a qualitative system of evaluation to assess each tender. The available systems were compared to a variety of criteria to ensure the client was able to find the best possible system to suit their requirements and budget.

In addition to complying with industry and government frameworks for the disposal of wastewater in the dairy industry, the client wanted a solution that was environmentally sound and cost effective. Our team understood the importance of minimising unnecessary treatments in order to provide high-quality wastewater management in the most cost-effective and low-impact way possible. In order to ensure the client had all the available information to select the most suitable treatment option, Advitech created a ranked analysis of the available systems. By providing a clear and transparent overview of the available options, we enabled the client to compare the various systems to their own needs, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each.


The client was wholly satisfied with Advitech’s assessment and elected to follow our recommendation, choosing the solution that we had identified as the most suitable.

With these findings, the client was able to make an informed decision on the wastewater treatment system best suited to their needs. They were able to sign-off on construction, confident that their chosen system would meet the applicable design and construction briefs while also complying with all regulatory requirements.

The project was completed within budget and according to timeframes. The processing plant was opened, complete with water-processing facility, in August 2012.