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Send in the drones

Structural inspections can be tricky, especially when the asset you need to look at is 50 metres above the ground. Getting access to determine the asset’s condition needn’t be difficult, risky or expensive when a drone can fly up there and show you what’s going on.

When an Australian bulk handling facility needed to assess the condition of their structural assets they called Advitech for help. To avoid the constraints of working at heights, such as time, expense, risk and compliance issues, we recommended an inspection by drone.

Our CASA-approved drone pilot was able to inspect the difficult-to-reach structure with the aid of our 200 series DJI Matrice drone.

Utilising both top and bottom mount cameras, we can inspect from above or below an elevated structure. With powerful cameras providing high resolution video and 24 MP still photos, images of the structure clearly showed the condition of the structure. Zooming in with magnification up to 180x enabled close up photos providing great detail.

Using the video footage and still photos, we determined where critical intervention was necessary and delivered a structural inspection report to the client, outlining a remedial plan with recommended priority maintenance actions.

As part of our report, we can also produce high-resolution 3D photogrammetry of the asset. These 3D models are a superior asset management tool that can be used to monitor changes in condition over time as well as for planning and estimating repairs.

Recent project demands also saw the drone support acoustic investigations of large mechanical plant at a mine site in NSW. The drone was used to obtain visual and acoustic survey data at elevated observation points above the large source, and improve the clients understanding of noise emissions across the surface of an encompassing hemisphere.

With flexible deployment and multi-sensor survey capabilities, the DJI Matrice drone eliminates fall from height safety risks and produces a faster and more cost-effective way to inspect large and small infrastructure assets. Advitech’s experienced engineers, technicians and CASA-approved pilots work with you to understand your particular needs.