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Dangers of storage and handling of hazardous chemicals

Over the past four years, there have been more than 6,500 injuries in NSW as a result of poor storage or handling of hazardous chemicals. Eight people have died and more than 250 are now permanently disabled. Exposure to the dangers of hazardous chemicals is preventable.

Hazardous chemicals are also a key area of concern for the mining and extractives industries. The NSW Resources Regulator recently announced that storage and handling of hazardous chemicals are an “ongoing focus” and part of their compliance priorities for 2018.

Mines that are found to be non-compliant can face a range of sanctions including written warnings, statutory directions, penalty notices, prosecution and possible cancellation of titles.

Advitech’s process engineers are accredited dangerous goods consultants (AIDGC) with years of experience in the mining sector. Advitech’s process engineers can work with you to ensure your mine site is safe and compliant, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving safety for those storing, handling and using hazardous chemicals.

Advitech recommends an annual compliance audit, including the following:

  • Site audit including SDSs
  • Procedures for safe delivery, handling and use of hazardous chemicals
  • Confirmation of hazardous areas and correct hazardous area classification (HAC)

Ensure your mine site complies with Australian Standards and Work Health and Safety Regulations. Advitech can conduct a compliance audit and help you meet the requirements for delivery, handling and use of hazardous chemicals.

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