Performance Venues and Theatres

Performance venues large and small are unique in the engineering challenges they present

We understand how important it is that staging systems operate safely and reliably, every time. Our chartered mechanical, structural and electrical engineers work alongside theatre consultants, technicians and original equipment manufacturers to ensure staging systems are designed and built to standard, giving venue operators confidence in their integrity. Our environment and sustainability specialists can also assist with planning assessments, noise management, energy auditing and energy efficiency.

Our services:
  • Engineering assessments and certification
  • Structural certifications
  • Mechanical certifications
  • Safety reviews
  • Risk assessment
  • Functional safety (AS 61511)
  • Machine safety and guarding (AS 4024, AS 62061)
  • Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders (AS 1657)
  • Dilapidation/condition surveys
  • Design of building structural modifications for compliance
  • Acoustic impact assessments

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