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Partnering for a safe energy transformation

Energy company Akaysha, was appointed by the Energy Corporation of NSW (EnergyCo NSW) to develop the Waratah Super Battery, which is one of the largest committed battery projects in the southern hemisphere and most powerful battery in the world. 

Akaysha Energy approached us to conduct a fire safety study report before commencing construction of the facility. The engineering and environmental services arm of Emergent Group, Advitech, has a long history of risk and compliance assessments, particularly regarding chemicals and electricity. The team was a perfect partner for Akaysha to engage in this work. 

Advitech’s combined skills of electrical and functional safety engineering and chemical and process engineering were deployed to assess the proposed battery energy storage system for risks. The team identified significant hazards such as battery cell fire, explosion and toxic gas release. 

Advitech provided Akaysha with mitigation strategies for all identified hazards. As a result, the project is considered to have best-practice mitigation strategies in place and is safe to commence. 

If your business wishes to talk about a proposed energy transformation or you want to explore production optimisation strategies or you have critical environmental factors to monitor and communicate – or any challenge requiring the skills of the Hunter’s brightest, give us a call and we’ll explore how we can help. 

Image: Representation of the operational Waratah Super Battery (Source: Akaysha Energy)