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Reporting on pollutants and emissions – ask the experts

Each year, any company that emits pollutants to air, water or land and meets certain energy use or output thresholds must submit an annual report on their emissions to the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI).

The NPI is a Federally legislated program, administered by State bodies, that compiles data on emissions across Australia. This data is publicly accessible, enabling interested parties to access information on emissions geographically.

Staying on top of NPI requirements and processes and preparing data for submission can be quite daunting for some companies. For over twenty years now, clients have been relying on Advitech to help them navigate the process and simplify data input and validation.

Advitech generates customised NPI estimation tools for every individual facility which incorporates useful evaluations such as Year on Year comparisons, business group data summaries and emission profiling.

In addition to NPI reporting, Advitech has been assisting clients with their annual reporting on greenhouse gas emissions. The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Scheme is a single national framework for reporting and disseminating company information about greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and energy consumption.

Advitech has helped clients in the energy sector to calculate their emissions in compliance with the NGER regulations. This in turn is used in determining appropriate limits and applying to the authorities for baseline limits to be established, in line with government targets.

Our clients represent a variety of sectors including iron and steel manufacturing facilities, chemical manufacturers, food and beverage, food packaging, oil and gas refineries, port handling facilities and mining operations (including coal, gold, and silver, lead and zinc operations).

Our engineers and scientists understand the legislative requirements for NPI and the NGER Scheme and can do the ‘heavy lifting’ for companies when it comes to calculating and reporting on emissions and achieving compliance for a cleaner Australia.