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Mine winder five-yearly audits must be conducted by an independent auditor

Powered winding systems are critical items of plant for mines that can have significant hazards requiring careful management. Powered winding systems require design registration in NSW with the Resources Regulator. A key condition of this registration is that a safety audit is conducted every five years by a competent person.

There has been additional guidance from the Resources Regulator regarding the scope and requirements for winder audits issued within the last five years. These include requirements for independence of the auditor relating to the documentation and activities within the scope of the audit.

Any organisation that has played a part in the conduct, or management, of maintenance since the last audit was conducted may find it difficult to demonstrate the required degree of independence.

The audit must cover both electrical and mechanical aspects of the winder’s operation. Some concerns are applicable to both disciplines, such as management of maintenance, record management, defect rectification, training and competence, etc.

Advitech has a long history of conducting electrical and mechanical winder audits, and we maintain the necessary level of independence from winder design, operations, and maintenance. Combining electrical and mechanical audit activities in a single scope of work can reduce demands on the mine operator by ensuring:

  • There are no duplicated requests for documentation, evidence, or explanations.
  • Separate site visits for both electrical and mechanical auditors can be avoided. Client permitting, the inspections can be conducted in a single visit by both auditors, thereby reducing the impact on site operations.
  • Differences in auditor opinions/findings on common scope are resolved prior to raising with the mine contact.
  • Provision of a single audit report and single set of recommendations for resolution, unless separate electrical and mechanical reports is preferred.

To determine when your winder is due for an audit, refer to the conditions of registration stated in the notice of design registration and the date that your last audit was completed.