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Managing hazardous areas

How do you manage hazardous areas across your site?

Hazardous areas are covered by a number of Acts, Regulations and Standards, to ensure the safety of personnel, plant and equipment. Failure to accurately identify hazardous areas and classify their zones, or to operate with inappropriate equipment or control measures within these zones, can be disastrous.

  • Do you know the hazardous zones across your site?
  • Have you made changes that could impact these zones and increase risks?
Managing hazardous areas

Advitech’s accredited hazardous area classification (HAC) consultants have conducted multiple classifications within complex structures and in explosive atmospheres, including:

  • mine ventilation
  • coal upgrading and handling facilities
  • utilities providers
  • waste recovery facility
  • spray painting booths
  • manufacturing plants
  • food manufacturing and processing
  • mobile offshore drilling rigs.
You need a HAC…
  • when operating equipment or machinery in new geographic regions with different regulations or standards
  • to assist with specification and design of electrical equipment within hazardous areas
  • following modification to plant or equipment, or relocation to a new site

Did you know – biannual audits are recommended to ensure introduced hazards are detected and managed.