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Intern Alumni Stories

In 2018, Emergent Group (then known as The Advitech Group) brought on their first interns, Hannah Clarke and Kane Hoskins. Hannah’s creativity and passion for storytelling brought a fresh perspective to the Communications team. Meanwhile, Kane’s dedication to environmental management made a significant impact on the Environmental Science team.  

Throughout their internship, Hannah and Kane not only gained valuable skills and knowledge but also formed lasting connections with their colleagues.  

This is their story:  



Hannah Clarke“When the University of Newcastle first offered its Industry Placement course in my final year of study in 2018, I keenly jumped on board and was excited to meet with Sarah and Dianne and the wider team at Advitech. Visiting the office once a week gave me hands-on experience of day-to-day life in a marketing team. The opportunity to collaborate with different departments across a variety of projects was especially a highlight.  

I enjoyed the various levels of responsibility and challenges that Advitech provided to help me learn and grow. After graduating, I quickly landed full-time work as a Marketing Assistant and moved to Melbourne. I believe my time at Advitech helped me to land a role after graduating, as it showed that I had both experience and drive within the industry. It also gave me working examples to apply and expand on in interviews.” 

Hannah is now working as a business-to-business Marketing Specialist at Proofed in London, where she thoroughly enjoys her role and the variety of tasks offered. She credits her internship with Advitech in 2018 as paving the way for her career path and helping her get to where she is today. 



Kane wearing a high-vis work uniform.“My internship with Advitech in 2018 provided relevant industry experience to where I am now, in my current role with EnergyAustralia. Advitech provided experience in managing large volumes of data and calculations for annual emissions reporting. A major component for my internship was managing large volumes of data for the National Pollutant Inventory Reporting. The internship taught me how to manage customers and deliver reports before a deadline. In addition to data management, I gained experience with biodiversity, ecological and archeological field surveys.  

Having exposure to multiple environmental aspects allowed me to focus on what I really enjoyed doing, which was environment management. My current role at EnergyAustralia is focused on environmental management, where I manage license and project approvals obligations. Without learning to manage datasets and analyse data efficiently, I would not be able to thrive in this current position.” 

Kane will soon be jetting off to England to further his career in Environmental Management. He is grateful for the learning experience and mentorship he received from the team at Advitech.  

As the first interns at Emergent Group, Hannah and Kane set the bar high, showcasing the importance of mentorship, learning and growth within the organisation. Their contributions were greatly valued and reflect the company’s culture of collaborative innovation. Fast forward to 2024, and Emergent Group has since hosted 13 student and recent graduates for work placement, summer internships and ongoing casual work, making up over 10% of our employees nationally.