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SXSW Sydney 2023 – VOTE for the Energy Transition

South By South West (SXSW) Sydney 2023 is a huge event bringing together inspired thinkers, creators and innovators from across the world to ignite creative discovery. This is the perfect opportunity to turn our great minds onto the Energy Transition.

We need YOUR vote to help get the proposed session by Emergent Group’s Dr Glenn Platt and Inventor and writer Saul Griffith onto the SXSW program. Both Glenn and Saul are influential leaders at the forefront of the Energy Revolution.

Saul Griffith is a founder of multiple companies and nonprofits. He has led projects for agencies including NASA, DARPA, National Science Foundation and more. In 2007 he was awarded a Macarthur Fellowship, the so-called ‘Genius Grant’, for inventions in the service of humanity.

Glenn Platt has an international reputation in the energy, clean technology and R&D sectors. He has 20 years of experience in the renewable energy and clean-technology sectors, on topics ranging from grid operations, to energy storage, energy efficiency, microgrids and solar energy. He has held executive positions and advisory roles for several technology and engineering firms, and has founded multiple start-up companies involved in the development of new energy technologies.

Glenn and Saul’s proposed session is titled ‘Dazzled by shiny objects- how to get the energy transition back on track.’

Australia is losing our energy transition race, but we have a hidden superpower that could blast us to the front. That superpower is us, and the choices we make about how we use energy. This session will describe how in planning the energy transition, everyone from homeowners to industry have been dazzled with objects- large-scale transmission, hydrogen, renewable generation. These technologies are important, but not enough.

We, citizens and business owners, can bring the energy transition back on track by being smarter in how we use energy.

SXSW Sydney has received over 1,400 proposals for panels, presentations, workshops, meet-ups and mentor sessions covering groundbreaking ideas across multiple conference programming tracks.

The public plays a vital role in helping the conference programming take shape – Knowing what people want to see helps event organisers put together a program that is exciting, relevant and hits the current zeitgeist.

To cast your vote, head to Glenn and Saul’s session page in the SXSW voting gallery. Click on the ’🤍 Vote’ button.

With your help, SXSW will highlight this important topic, encouraging expansive thinking and the sharing of ideas on how we can all reduce our consumption of energy, switch to cleaner sources of energy and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Voting closes at 11:59 pm on Tuesday 11 April.