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Threatened Species Day

Today, Friday 7th September, is National Threatened Species Day, a day that’s especially important to our Advitech Environmental division. As environmental scientists and ecologists, we manage impacts on ecologically endangered…

Why design should anticipate human error

A tragic accident occurred in a US underground coal mine early in 2018. Work was being carried out on a conveyor belt without proper isolation and lockout. The conveyor unexpectedly…

Be confident your E-stop button will work

Advitech’s Risk Engineers can recall many scenarios in mining, utilities and the nuclear industry where an operator either presses the wrong E-stop button, or presses the right E-stop but it…

Dangers of storage and handling of hazardous chemicals

Over the past four years, there have been more than 6,500 injuries in NSW as a result of poor storage or handling of hazardous chemicals. Eight people have died and…