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Advitech draws on the multi-disciplinary skills of staff to achieve the best technical outcome for our clients.

Our team of engineers and scientists provide integrated engineering and environmental solutions for varying sectors internationally and within Australia.

Whatever your industry, whatever your requirements, we will work closely with you to ensure the right technical outcome for your business.

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Engineering Consulting

From engineering design to management of your structural assets, we work with you to provide innovative, data-driven solutions.

Advitech draws on the multi-disciplinary skills of our staff to achieve the best technical outcomes for our clients. Our longstanding specialists provide the integrated engineering solutions required by today’s industry sectors. Our work spans across mining, food and agriculture, defence, transport infrastructure, performance venues and more.

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Mechanical Engineering

Real-world experience from a wide range of industries to support all your mechanical engineering needs.

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Structural and Civil Engineering

Technical Excellence in Design, Analysis and Certification.

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Process Engineering

Chemical and environmental engineering, process safety, hazard assessment, energy performance and sustainability.

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Asset Integrity and Reliability

Improving the integrity and reliability of structures, machines and systems.

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Engineering Compliance

Design validation, verification, certification, safety audits and more.

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Design Drafting and 3D Modelling

Experienced drafters improving design efficiencies for your site.

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Theatre Service Audits

Engineering staging systems to operate safely and reliably.

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Environmental Consulting

Manage your impacts and achieve your business goals.

Advitech’s diverse team of scientists, ecologists, archaeologists and engineers work with you to manage your environmental impacts while balancing your business goals and achieving regulatory compliance.

Planning and Assessment

Strategic and technical input along with statutory and planning advice.

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Environmental Compliance and Monitoring

Experts in environmental legislation assisting you with applications, annual plans and legislative reporting.

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Proactive operational noise management to solve noise and vibration challenges.

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Project Services

Advitech’s project specialists manage projects of any scope and scale across multiple industry sectors and geographies.

We have delivered projects to defence, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, government, commercial clients and more.

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Project Management

Industry-leading experience in project management.

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Strategic Engineering Support

Advitech engineers provide strategic engineering support.

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Risk and Compliance

Advitech works with you to protect the safety of your people, operations, environment and the community

Operating within the framework of international standards for risk management, Advitech can assist you to improve safety outcomes and mitigate risk across every context and industry. Our team of engineers has specialised skills in functional safety, hazardous chemicals, hazardous areas and safety compliance.

Functional Safety

Specialist advice for reliability and safety of hazardous equipment.

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Risk Assessment

We have risk assessment experience across a diverse range of contexts.

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Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous chemical audits and risk and compliance assessments.

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Hazardous Area Classification

Assessment, audits and classification of a range of hazardous areas.

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