Advitech is highly experienced in many aspects of risk management and functional safety.

Our proven methodologies and rigorous approach can be applied to any risk context to achieve safety of people, operations, the environment and the community.

We work within the framework of international and other relevant standards for Risk Management, Process Risk and WHS regulations.

Our customers benefit from our experience, which enables us to suggest relevant and effective controls to reduce risk levels to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Functional Safety

Functional safety covers a broad range of electrical, electronic & programmable logic systems that perform specific safety related functions. Many industry sectors rely heavily on functional safety to achieve reliability and safety for hazardous equipment.

Functional safety provides the assurance that the safety related systems will offer the necessary risk reduction required to achieve a safe state. Functional safety is driven by standards (incl AS 61508, AS IEC 61511 and AS 62061) in which safety related systems are designed to a specified safety integrity level (SIL), based on the reliance placed upon them.

Advitech has enhanced and refined its approach for SIL determination, using a quantitative method that provides greater understanding of the hazards and potential controls, when compared to traditional qualitative risk graph methodologies.

Our customers benefit from this tailored process which identifies more clearly where risk reduction efforts will improve safety.


  • Determination of safety integrity levels (SILs)
  • Verification of safety related systems against the functional safety requirements/SILs
  • Support in the progression from functional safety requirements/SILs to the resulting electrical safety-related systems
  • Development of functional safety management plans
  • Assessment against functional safety standards AS 61508 and AS 62061
  • Independent verification that mechanical and electrical systems have met their SIL specifications
  • NSW mine winder electrical and mechanical design verification (as part of winder registration), in conformance with MDG 2005, MDG 33 and EES 008
  • FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certificates - Machinery (3557/11), Hardware/Software (8439/14) & Safety Instrumented Systems (3223/11)
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)

Project Examples

  • Assessment of SIL capability of safety instrumented function using fault tree analysis, reliability block diagrams, Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Verification of the electrical design of vertical and drift men and materials mine winders
  • Verification of safety related systems against the required SIL specifications for an underground mine ventilation fan
  • Determination of SILs for continuous miner roof bolters, road headers, shuttle cars, drill rigs, underground substations, booster fans, conveyors and longwall equipment

Advitech TUV certified functional safety engineers


Advitech TUV certified functional safety engineers