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Advitech independent process safety audits

Process safety audits improve safety and operational efficiency

Advitech conducted process safety audits for a large water utility. Advitech's experienced team of process and risk engineers worked collaboratively with each site, following a structured audit approach.

Numerous process safety gaps were identified - at both site and organisational levels. These ranged from simple fixes to major items, such as possible environmental issues arising from inadequate chemical storage. Advitech's recommendations and implementation program identified practical solutions to improve efficiency and enhance process safety across the entire organisation.

Benefits of external process safety audits:

  • strong focus on customer outcomes, including safety and regulatory compliance
  • subject matter experts have in-depth knowledge of standards and best industry practices
  • independent auditors bring higher degree of objectivity and less bias to audit findings

Need a process safety audit? Call us on 02 4924 5400 to discuss your site's safety concerns.

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