Advitech Environmental is a diverse team of scientists, ecologists, archaeologists and engineers.

We provide environmental services to construction, resources, government and commercial industries throughout Australia.

Our experience and knowledge of legislation, standards and codes ensures you achieve your environmental goals.

We work closely with our customers to deliver a better experience and the right results.

Acoustics - Noise and Vibration

We measure, assess and interpret noise data and their impacts to support project applications for development, construction, expansions or relocations.

We can discriminate between unrelated noise sources and have proven experience designing practical and effective solutions to achieve environmental and occupational compliance.

Advitech environmental noise and vibration services for mining

Acoustic Services

Noise impact assessments

  • Determination of noise criteria; assessment for noise sources and receptors; and preparation of assessment documentation for consent or regulatory authorities

Construction noise assessment

  • Qualitative and quantitative construction noise impact assessments and traffic noise impact assessments

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Evaluation, analysis and reporting on air quality, noise and meteorological data collected by SentineX

Equipment and sound power measurement

  • Equipment Sound Power Measurement - ISO 6393 static and ISO 6395 dynamic sound power test

Complaint investigation

  • Investigation, assessment and response to noise complaints


  • Noise and vibration exposure assessments


  • Tailoring deliverables in consultation with clients

Project Examples

Mining & Industry

  • Ongoing environmental noise monitoring and compliance reporting against planning approval conditions
  • Vibration assessments including building vibration and whole body vibration
  • Real time environmental monitoring and reporting, including the analysis and interpretation of continuous air, noise and meteorological data

Development & Construction

  • Attended and compliance monitoring and auditing for various clients such as property developments and manufacturing and processing facilities
  • Multiple noise impact assessments for a range of developments, including residential developments, commercial properties and waste facilities