Advitech has been providing engineering consulting services in Newcastle and throughout Australia for over 25 years.

Our highly qualified engineers and experienced drafters have extensive knowledge of standards, codes of practice and comply with industry best practices.

We work closely with our customers to get the job done. Our approach is what makes us different and why customers choose us. We deliver them a better experience and the right results.

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Services

  • Design assessments, audits and verifications
  • Mechanical design registration and design certification of mine winders to MDG 33
  • 5 yearly mechanical design safety audits on mine winders
  • Structural stress and deflection analysis (static and dynamic)
  • Linear and non-linear analysis
  • Buckling analysis and moving load modelling
  • Mechanical design - concept design, detailed engineering design, solid modelling
  • Vibration and shock
  • Durability, fatigue and fracture mechanics
  • Heat transfer
  • RPEQ Signoffs
  • Mechanical design certification against MDG 33
Our Tools
  • Inventor Suite
  • Strand7 FEA
  • MathCAD
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)

Project Examples

Design Assessment, Design Certification, Design Registration and Verification

  • 5 yearly mechanical safety audits and Design Registration applications for men and materials drift winder (MDG 33 audit)
  • Determination of maximum operating capacity of coal conveyor, considering all structural and mechanical limiting factors
  • Analysis and review of Highwall cable gantry for an open cut mine
  • Review of hoist designs against AS1418
  • FEA on roofbolter cradle attachment for OEM
  • Conveyor idler analysis and design calculations for a major idler supplier
  • Mechanical inspections of winches on ship loaders for a major port facility


  • Design, detailing and certification of double insulated EWP
  • Design of pneumatic tapper prill cleaning system for an ammonium nitrate manufacturer

Advitech provides engineering design certification

Advitech provides engineering stress analysis of mine winder as part of MDG 33 audit

Advitech provides mechanical engineering services

Advitech conducts 5 yearly mechanical design safety audits on mine winders against MDG 33